What Is Healthy Wellness?

The first stage of life’s journey is the childhood years. After this period, we move on to the adolescent years where physical and mental well-being is developed. This stage is characterized by growth, development, and change. In fact, adolescence is one of the most pivotal years for our mental, social and physical well being and we should try to keep ourselves up to date with the changing times of life.


Psychologically, adolescence involves the process of emotional changes in the body as well as the mind. Psychologically, this time marks the transition from childhood to adulthood. Psychologically, adulthood is the stage of fullness, growth, maturity, and wholeness, when people find the path towards self-fulfillment, fulfillment and wholeness in their lives.

Psychologically, health refers to an individual’s psychological level of wellbeing. Psychologically, a person is healthy when he/she can function normally in everyday activities. Health does not necessarily refer to physical well-being but it refers to our mental and emotional health.

Physical health refers to a person’s physiological well-being. Physical health is achieved when the person can exercise regularly and the person can eat healthily.

Psychologically, health is attained when the person has enough energy, emotional stability, positive outlook, is in harmony with oneself and with others, and has a good knowledge of the meaning of life. There is also the concept of healthy relationships where both partners know that they will never lose their own self-worth and the love they have for themselves and for each other.

Health is something that one must strive for all throughout his/her life so that he/she will be able to attain the higher levels of well-being through the whole life. Healthy physical and mental health are both inter-related. It is important that a person who is healthy physically also has a healthy mental health so that one will always feel and look good.

Although there is no magic potion that will make a person get healthy mentally and physically, there are many ways that you can get yourself physically fit to be mentally and emotionally balanced. These ways include good sleep, proper diet, exercise, rest, relaxation, proper sleep hygiene, and healthy eating habits.

Good sleep is important so that your brain and the rest of the body do not work overtime. When your body does not have enough rest, it has difficulty in getting the energy that it needs to function properly. Good sleep also helps to prevent physical and mental diseases.

Good diets include food items that are good for you, vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates that help maintain the health of the body and mental and physical growth. Calcium is also needed for strong bones, skin, and teeth. Eating the right amount of fresh fruits and vegetables can also promote good health and good wellness.