The Effects Of A Healthy Body

Health is the condition of mental, physical and emotional well-being where illness and infirmity have been absent for a certain period of time. It is one of the three pillars of happiness: happiness, peace and good health. However, it is a difficult issue to live with because people have various expectations from life. When one achieves health, they expect happiness.


People who suffer from health problems feel that their lives are full of disappointment and unhappiness. They are also afraid to go out of their houses and visit any place as fear of being embarrassed by the people they meet. People who have a strong sense of self and love to socialize often try to hide their illness because it prevents them from having a fulfilling social life and feeling fulfilled.

It can be concluded that there are many causes and consequences related to health problems. Some of the common consequences are:

Social isolation: There are many cases where people suffering from a physical ailment are left without friends and family due to social problems related to their condition. This is because they are not comfortable talking to others and have limited social interactions. In addition, they have the feeling that they do not belong to the group and the crowd they have been given to. These people are not treated equally in society.

Low Self-Esteem: There is a negative effect of low self-esteem on the person suffering from an illness. They feel they are not important to others and the world around them does not accept them.

Low Energy: As we age, energy gets lower. As a result, we experience fatigue, irritability and lack of focus. This reduces our ability to function properly in the daily activities and affects health in many ways.

Reduced Sex Drive: Because of stress and other negative effects of aging, we often find ourselves having sexual problems or a low libido. In addition, a reduced libido is one of the most common effects of a healthy body.

Physical and emotional pain: Most of the time, people who are sick feel like they are going to die. When these feelings occur, people feel they cannot live and may feel depressed. This depression often leads to a lack of intimacy, which leads to loneliness.

It has been noted that the effect of having a healthy body is so profound that people tend to look forward to their next birthday, rather than their previous. one.