Health Conditions And The Importance Of Managing Stress

Health is a condition of optimum physical, emotional and social well being where infirmity and illness are absent. It is the state when the physical and mental aspects of a person are at their best and when he/she is in good health. The three main components of health are immunity, nutrition and behavior. Health cannot be obtained without any of these three components being present. They are therefore all linked together and each one maintains the other two.

All the diseases that we have now are results of our lifestyles and are consequences of bad habits. Our modern day living patterns and stress levels are major contributors to our current health situation. Our unhealthy diets and sedentary ways of life, pollution in our environment and physical work related stress contribute to poor health. These factors create stress on the immune system. When this system is stressed, it allows all the pathogens, bacteria and viruses to gain access to our body, resulting in different kinds of health conditions.

Stress can create all kinds of health problems such as fatigue, nausea, migraines, anxiety and depression. Mental disorders are also caused by stress. One main article of stress is an occupational safety and health. Occupational safety rules are there to protect employees from accidents; this rule is mostly ignored by employees though.

All the diseases have different causes and the symptoms also differ. The main article of stress and ill health is the physical illness. For every type of physical illness there is always a corresponding mental illness, as physical problem does not directly affect the mental state.

People may sometimes think they do not have any problems related to their physical well-being but when they get ill they tend to feel insecure about their health and their bodies. They tend to suffer more when they are in pain physically or mentally. This makes them reach out for any kind of help they can get. Many people tend to neglect their mental health too much.

In order to keep people in good health, it is very important for everyone to know and understand their well-being and mental health. People should practice all the measures they know or should learn in order to maintain their health conditions. We all know that healthy eating, exercise and a good lifestyle are the key elements of well-being but these tips will be of great help for everyone.