A Quick Word Guide on “MEET”

When it comes to meeting women in various locations, where to meet them and how to meet them in an effective manner, we always hear people saying that Paris is the best place to meet gorgeous women. They say that this is because with so many beautiful faces and choices in terms of dressing style, one can certainly find a girl who looks like a goddess all rolled into one. This is why Paris is the most popular place to meet French women. But is it true? Or is there a better alternative where to meet a girl you thought was beautiful?


The English language has two forms of meeting, and these are met at. MEET means “to meet” or “to meet face to face”. The term MEET usually refers to the first form but can be adapted to the second as well. The use of the word MEET in an English context usually refers to a formal social setting. And this is where the term of stems from, meaning “outdoor”.

As an example, when you say “I am meeting up with Mary at her house”, what do you think the verb tense is going to be? (The subject of the verb may also change depending on the agreement between the words “me” and “at” – as in “I am meeting her at her house”.) I would say “I am to meet at her house” since the subject is still in the past tense. ” MEET ” stands for “getting to know” or “getting along”, which makes the sentence more functional. As such, the subject matter is kept consistent when using the “MEET” verb.

Another example where the term meet comes from the root is when you mention “chemistry” in your conversation. When you do this, what do you think of? Of course, you would think of chemistry! This is because the root of the word is Chemistry, which means “addition”. Therefore, the verb “to meet” simply adds on the – Chem in the end, thus making it a shortened form of “Chemistry”.

The “MEET “verb can also be used to get things out of people’s hair. When you are trying to get a person or group of people to meet each other, sometimes you want them to meet in the same place so that they can get along better. However, sometimes it is inconvenient to make ends meet so you meet people at a different place. You might want to meet them at your house instead of at a restaurant. If you are trying to meet somebody in order to get together in the future, you could meet them in a park, on the beach, in the park across the street or anywhere that gets people together. This way, it doesn’t matter that they have to meet somewhere, as long as you get them there in the same place.

So what does the “MEET” verb mean? As you see above, it is an adjective added on to an adjective in order to indicate a point in time where two or more people come together. In business and in life, it indicates a point in time where two or more things meet. In the past it was almost always used to indicate when two things met, but now the use of the “MEET” verb has developed so that it can indicate any point in time where two or more things meet. For example, if we are saying that today is the first day that you have seen someone, then the statement is a quote made using the word meet, as in meet means first.