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Come Upon a Star

What exactly does MEET means? This may be the only web site devoted entirely to explaining the technical meaning of MEET (MEET acronym/slang term). Ever wondered exactly what MEET really means? If so, then you’ve just stumbled upon the perfect place to educate yourself about a very interesting acronym. We’ll explain what it means and why it should be adopted as the standard language on the internet.

When you hear the term “1 meet a guy”, what is the first thought that passes through your mind? Most people would probably visualize a scenario in which they have to “meet” someone at one particular place, perhaps a coffee shop or library. “MEETING” has a completely different meaning from the term “one meet”. A more accurate description would be “ONE MEETING is when you meet someone for the first time, either in person or over the internet.”

The meaning of “MEET” is more inclusive than “one meet”. According to the dictionary, meet is a noun that describes a period when two or more people meet, but this definition does not include the singular verb meet. According to the etymology experts, meet is an adjective that comes from “metsume”, which is an archaic version of the verb meet, meaning “to meet”.

One problem with the etymology of “MEET” is that it uses the past tense form of the verb meet, indicating that it dates back well beyond the dawn of human communication. It also uses the word meet as a prefix, indicating that something happened between two people. Although the origin of “MEET” may be obscure, there is no question about its present use. “MEET & STILL” are two famous internet advertisements that illustrate the power of the term. In these posters, a date is written underneath the date “ember” – which is supposed to be a reference to the start of the holiday season.

How do we know that we would meet the person we desire if we were in a place where we have only a few minutes to get there? The answer is: experience. If you can only wait a few seconds before you decide to call it quits, you will miss the chance to encounter the person of your dreams. If you live in the fast lane of life, you cannot afford to miss the opportunity to meet somebody special. If your car is stuck in the middle of the freeway, how would you get home if you did not meet anyone? If you go skiing and find yourself knee deep in snow, would you be able to sled if you did not have a pair of skis on your feet?

We have all experienced meeting new people. Whether we bump into a college friend we had seen years ago or a new neighbor, we discover new friends and relationships. Meetings and parties are one place where we can meet these future relationships. If you would like to create new memories that last forever, gather your friends and prepare to have some fun in a New Years’ Eve venue filled with exciting activities!