Are Love Always and Ever the Same?

While most individuals agree that love means strong, intense feelings of love, there are also several disagreements as to what it means, and who can truly love you. Some possible definitions for love include: a sincere desire to value another of well-being or happiness over your own. However, if your definition of love differs from those used by the religious scriptures, it may be possible that you have not found the love of your life. If you have come across a definition of love that is different from the religion, you may want to read on for clarification.


Some experts might say that religious scriptures refer to romantic love because these passages all reference to God or some type of divine force. Others believe that this definition comes from the brain areas that respond to pleasurable feelings. According to the Bible, when two people meet, they might exchange sweet nothings, or use verbal or physical intimacy to tell each other how they feel. If one is attracted to that person, then he or she will develop feelings of romantic love.

Another possibility is that the term is a blend of the terms love and attraction. People are said to fall in love when they meet or experience attraction toward another. Some experts say that feelings of attraction are part of the initial attraction, while others think that physical closeness is what draws two people together. When these two people are not together, however, then the attraction begins to fade, causing them to develop feelings of detachment.

It has been noted by researchers that when we fall in love, our brains send messages to our nervous system that we are attracted to another person. However, this physical attraction only lasts a short period of time, before the opposite person becomes the primary focus of our attention. After we become focused on another person, we can begin to experience falling out of love. Physical attraction can still exist at the start of a relationship, but when it fades, it is because we have become more attracted to someone else.

Falling out of love in relationships is sometimes caused by being with someone for a long period of time who we have grown to detest. When this happens, the person who we used to adore may be replaced by someone whom we find unattractive. In fact, research has shown that unattractive body shapes often cause individuals to develop a stronger attraction for members of the opposite sex. This explains why some couples in long-term relationships have failed to conceive. If we fall in love with someone, then we usually fall in love with that person’s body shape as well.

It has also been noted that those who are attracted to one person, tend to stay with them for the long term. It is not uncommon for married men to be unable to move on with their lives, even if that man has committed a great deal of heartache into the relationship. One of the main reasons behind this is that they do not share the same thoughts and feelings as the other person. These two people have not developed an emotional bond, so when the same feelings are shared by a third party, the relationship begins to deteriorate. The idea of a soul mate is based on feelings that are shared by two people. A soul mate for each of us is another person who shares our same emotions and ideas.