How to Find Your Partner That Gives You True Love


How to Find Your Partner That Gives You True Love

There are so many definitions of love, it is difficult to know where to begin. Love encompasses a vast assortment of positive and negative emotional and psychological states, from the strongest communal ethic or religious practice, to the most intense personal pleasure, or even the most tranquil moment. Some love is for long periods of time and other lovers only find true love on a short-term basis. Love differs from other phenomena in that the intensity of the emotion can be sustained for a very long time. This makes it seem that love is one of the most enduring of all human desires.

Love, unlike lust, involves the emotional bonding between two people, rather than just their physical relationship. This is why the romance can be defined as the merging of two individuals into a deeper emotional connection. Romantic love is often described as an intense and unyielding dedication to a partner or a significant other, in spite of societal constraints such as age, economic status, race, or gender. Love is most often expressed by an emotional intimacy that is based on the recognition of the other person’s unique qualities.

Erosion of our relationships has caused an abandonment of self by those who have longed for intimacy. It has also led to a decrease in the quality of personal relationships and social ties. This erosion of relationships occurs when one person feels “empty” or as if they are lacking something because they are dating someone new, or spending time with someone new. The erosion can also occur when a couple has children; usually, this is because the children are the source of constant and continuing feelings of love and desire for reciprocation. When a couple loses this attachment to one another it causes an enormous loss to both parties in terms of their emotional intimacy. This relationship outage leads to feelings of frustration and disappointment which breed feelings of anger and resentment towards the other party, eventually leading to a breakup of the relationship.

Love, unlike the negative feelings created by negative emotions, generates positive emotions. Positive emotions are life-giving, uplifting, and inspire confidence. They are more likely to be used to identify and fulfill a desire rather than suppress a feeling. When we are in love, our primary need is to be understood, to be cared for, to be fed, to be clothing washed, to be educated, and to be safe. In order to feel whole, we must identify with others and the love we experience is almost always directed toward others.

There are two primary sources of love, the first being your mate, and the second is someone you love. When you recognize the love you have for your mate and find a way to share it with that other person, you are experiencing authentic love. Real love does not exist within ourselves. When we allow ourselves to experience only the love we receive from others, we limit our ability to experience genuine love. It is important to remember when you find true love, you are not giving away your ability to be yourself, and when you use your resources (otherwise known as love) to strengthen your relationship, you are making an investment in your future.

Love creates intimacy and allows us to experience our deepest emotions more fully. This also occurs during the initial stages of a relationship, as our hormones are changing and we are becoming deeply connected with someone who might be our partner for many years. Love allows us to experience deep emotions, such as love, acceptance, commitment, trust, and safety, without any judgment, criticism, or shame. It’s important that we allow our emotions to evolve and embrace the feelings of love, instead of trying to suppress them or make them sub-conscious in order to avoid pain or rejection. Once we have come to love our mate wholeheartedly, and we have come to appreciate our connection with him/her as authentic and meaningful, our love will become a source of strong, nurturing, emotional intimacy that enhances our well-being.