Meetings Can Be More Productive With These New Apps

Meet is a web conferencing solution that provides you with easy ways to connect and share information with other attendees. Meet uses the same safeguards that Google applies to secure your data and secure your privacy. Meet also uses an encryption program called Perfect Forward Secured (PFS). This is one of the highest security levels available for a web conference.


Meet also has many advanced features that set it apart from other web conferencing solutions. On Meet you can chat with up to 150 participants at a time. The quality of your voice is via a recording, so your meeting is transcribed and can be played at a later time. You can also view your meeting on your mobile device. Android apps for Meet provide these and many other advanced features.

Meet offers the ability to record your entire meeting, as well as the presentation that was made, to watch on your Android device, so you can view it on the go. You can also make video calls, access the online whiteboarding, view meeting notes and file attachments, and send text and email notifications. With the power to edit and upload meeting files you can easily transfer them to your phone or tablet and share them with colleagues anywhere. Plus, meet has many apps that help you go more in-depth with your meetings.

In addition to these amazing apps, meet has several other features that help you stay organized. With the ZAPPA feature, you can create an unlimited number of groups, make notes, share files, and more. ZAPPA combines the power of the chat apps that you have on your phone, along with the collaboration tools offered by the apps on your desktop. With ZAPPA you can start a meeting and then have the group gather together in one place to collaborate on solutions, brainstorm on issues, or share information. With a ZAPPA group, your meetings are a distributed source of knowledge, instead of being held within your cell phone. This is great for businesses that want to ensure that their employees know what is going on within the organization at all times.

Apart from all these awesome features, meet is very easy to use. You can sign up for a free account, create a group, invite friends, and start chatting immediately. If you have an existing group, you can even use it to make new meetups. Once you have signed up, you can start looking for rooms to meet in real time. With paper, you can search for places where your contacts are, and you can connect to them directly through the free chat app.

As you can see, zapier is a fantastic tool for organizing your meetings, along with everything else that you do on your smartphone. You can use the power of zapier on your social networking apps, your business meetings, your travel plans, and much more. You will be able to get a free video conferencing app that works great for everyone. Take a look at the zapier free app today!