Finding Your True Love

When most people hear the word “love,” they immediately think of the emotion surrounding it. In their mind it is either love created by a heavenly body or love between a heavenly pair. It isn’t until further into their knowledge that most people begin to realize that love can be from any angle and in any place at all. Love transcends physical boundaries and can encompass the strongest of emotions and the sweetest of pleasures.

The first form of love that most people know about is romantic love. This is the most pure form of love and often stems from a desire to simply be with another person. It may involve a person falling in love with another person in order to spend time together, to share a bed, or even to marry and start a family. Romantic love typically involves deep feelings of lust and attraction which often takes the form of an emotional connection. It usually doesn’t take the form of a romantic relationship for this form of love to exist.

The second form of love that you have probably heard of is called platonic love. This form of love exists for the purpose of friendship or a general connection between two people. While it doesn’t necessarily involve any form of romantic attachment, platonic love often times includes being friends. platonic love often times exists without any sexual attraction, but exists instead as a friendship that just happens to have the romantic component attached to it. In this sense, you have probably been involved with platonic love at one point in your life.

The third form of love is also commonly referred to as emotional love. This type of love involves feelings of deep caring and compassion for another person. People often use this type of love to develop a deeper relationship with another person that also involves physical intimacy. While true romantic love usually involves feelings of lust and attraction, people who engage in this form of affection will sometimes share physical relationships in the same manner that lovers do.

The fourth and final type of love that you have likely heard about is known as familial love. This is the love that is often shared between family members. Family members vary widely in their level of love and devotion. In some cases, they are loyal and devoted to one another, while in other cases they are not as loving. Regardless, familial love is something that can be very special and meaningful.

Now that you know some of the different forms of love that exist, you know how to identify the love that is right for you. Each of these types of love is important to discover and experience. No matter what form of love you have discovered or are in the process of discovering, you can be sure that it is an important experience in your life.