Six Great Sports Articles

A sports movie is a fictional film genre which makes use of sports as the main theme of the movie. It’s usually a story about a sports event, sporting competition, player, or fan of sport to an extent, that rely heavily on sport for their plot context or resolution. Most commonly, a sports movie is made for television and as a series to air during popular summer programming hours. Sports movies can be quite successful when well-written and presented, but there are also examples of poorly written sports movies that fail to captivate audiences and have a low profitability.


One example is the 1996 drama film “Eternal Sport.” The movie revolves around the inner struggles of a professional baseball match involving the Boston Red Sox against the Cleveland Indians. The movie revolves around two rivals who enjoy a prolonged war of words before finally deciding to partake in a all out war in order to secure a win for themselves. The movie is full of memorable one-liners, witty cameos by famous sports personalities, and an exciting game which features plenty of action along with an abundance of dramatic set pieces throughout.

However, I feel that this film fails to achieve its purpose because it fails to highlight the importance of fair play in sports. The film makes mention of several players’ propensity for embellishing the truth, and perhaps this is its biggest strength, but does not discuss the various rules and regulations that each side must abide by in order for the game to be played correctly. The main article at the conclusion of the film, however, explains that it was because of this competition that humans began learning about what it truly means to play sport. Through this article I would like to suggest that this is perhaps the most important lesson to learn and take away from watching sport.

The second main article at the end of the article rightly highlights that there are many different ways in which people can learn about sports. However, this article is largely about the need for sports enthusiasts to get more involved in discussing sports throughout the world. I feel that this is where the real power of sports lies and I would like to suggest that those interested in sports should get involved in discussing sports, discussing matches, discussing competitions and awards which are won and lost, forming sports clubs and much more. The main point I am trying to make here is that sports fans should always be proud of themselves. When people look around them and see people enjoying themselves and having a good time, they should be encouraged to participate and take part in the enjoyment.

The third main article points out that many people do not take part in sports due to a fear of injuring themselves or not being liked by their team or friends. The main point I am trying to make here is that when people participate in sports they should always be proud of themselves and look to put their ego aside in order to give it all they have. The fourth main point deals with the idea of fair competition. It should be clear to everyone that we have to have fair competition, otherwise we will never be able to enjoy the game and get the most out of it.

The fifth main article looks at the physical activity required by sports. I think anyone who has ever set foot on a sports ground will vouch for the fact that this level of physical activity is incredibly important. The main point I am trying to make here is that any person who feels that they cannot carry out a regular workout due to the fact that they do not like the idea of someone looking down at them should really consider taking up a particular sport in order to enjoy participation and interaction with others. Finally, the sixth article looks at the social aspect of sports. I feel that we should never forget that sports can greatly improve a persons social life and interaction as well.