Meet People, Workplace Connections, and More!


Meet People, Workplace Connections, and More!

“We met at a play.” Those are the words my friend Fred meets my friend Sam on the street. They met for coffee after work. Word of mouth. In this instance, splitting the winnings of a contested lottery ticket looks like a good meet up. I know Sam well enough to know that Fred is probably a thrill seeker who likes to play the same progressive slot machines as everyone else in the local bar.

But it turns out Fred and Sam have a serious connection. My friend Fred is an avid Facebook and Twitter addict. He regularly logs into his account to see what his friends are up to. He is also a heavy user of both Google+ and Instagram. Because of his social media addiction Fred is always on the hunt for new things to do and places to visit.

The other day he went to town searching for a new chat app for mobile devices. After settling on Zappier, a quick search of its name on Google returned over a hundred million matches. Zappier is apparently an iPhone and Android compatible chat app. It supports Zephyrhills, Biteze, Weblink, WeLoveocket, and FriendWise.

Like most great things in life, these apps cost money. Unfortunately, there are no free chat apps. However, Fred’s love of Facebook and Twitter, along with his need to connect with his Facebook and Twitter friends, forced him to give a look at zapier. After reluctantly downloading the free demo of zapier, Fred started to play around with the interface. After only a few minutes of playing he was hooked!

Zappier is currently available for download free from the official Google Play Store. If you are going to try and meet people who share your interests, this is probably the best free video chat and meet up solution out there. With a few clicks, you can dial in and start chatting with new friends and fellow workers. You can also take a quick look at your online friends who are connected to Zappier as well.

I met my husband through zapier last month and had a great time communicating with him through this wonderful online social networking site. I am very thankful that I decided to try it out because I wouldn’t have been able to find any other place to meet people in the city that I live. I am always looking for new places to meet other people and enjoy communicating with them. Having the ability to communicate with my peers via this amazing interactive website has helped me tremendously. Whether I am at work or at home, I will always have access to a place to chat and meet new people!