Introducing Yourself and Saying Hi


Introducing Yourself and Saying Hi

Meet is defined as to meet, be face to face with, or to be formally introduced. Such an example of meet is a person being on the runway when an air plane is about to take off. When meeting someone for the first time you are always faced with one question, “What’s your name?” or “What’s your address?” Sometimes the name is asked so one can address the person properly, and sometimes you just happen to meet someone. It doesn’t really matter what the situation is, meeting someone is a normal part of life.

In order to meet someone and come together you must identify yourself. You must know who you are and what you want from this encounter. When we meet people it is usually in a business setting such as a job interview, or a social event, where we meet to fulfill a need or fulfill a desire. So the first step in meeting someone is identifying who you are.

The second step is to know what you want to meet the person for. If it is simply to see them and get their contact information or see them for an interview then that is great. But sometimes we need more from our first encounter. Sometimes we need to meet to see if there is a mutual interest between us and we may need to meet to see if that interest is mutual also.

A third way to meet someone and come together is to get together for a cause. The most common example of this is a political campaign where candidates meet to get political support or information. Political campaign meetings are often held in coffee shops, community centers, or even at campaign offices. It could be a committee meeting or a committee of one person leading a charge to elect someone.

No matter what the reason for meeting someone new or deciding you need to meet someone somewhere, there is always the verb meet. It is always necessary to have the verb meet when meeting someone new or deciding to meet someone. When I say meet, I am not saying go meet them at their place. I am saying go meet them in my coffee shop. There is nothing casual about it, but still I do use the verb meet when I want to refer to meeting someone new, just as I would call my coffee shop “my coffee shop.”

Now consider the question of how to meet someone in the presence of others. The answer is simple: when meeting someone new, always introduce yourself and say hi. The person is less likely to come up and attack you if they have never met you before. And also you never know if the other person is a good listener and if they might be able to help you meet the person you are going to meet. The best way to meet someone new is to encounter them first and then ask if they would like to engage in a conversation. If you can come up with interesting facts about them then you should go ahead and chat with them.