Meet – How to Make Free Video Calls With Up to 30 People

The term “meet” is used to describe an interaction with another person. Using Meet, you can make calls in high-definition video with up to 30 participants. Unlike Google Hangouts, where you can talk to ten people without the need to install the app, this service supports up to 30 people. Moreover, you can send out invites to your contacts and share the links to the meeting. Unlike Hangouts, the first step in a meeting is to sign up.


The best part about Meet is that it is completely free. In addition to the Android app, the web version is also available. It is an enterprise-grade video conferencing solution and is included with Google’s Workspace Essentials and Education plans. The company recently announced that the app has grown by 300 percent since the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, when the numbers of new users doubled. It was not until February 2017 that the company released an iOS version of Meet.

A meeting is an occasion or event, which requires people to gather in one place. The word can also refer to a sporting event or a group of people. Aside from being a verb, meet can be a noun. It can describe a physical meeting or a gathering of people. Its synonyms include match and manage. As a result, the word meet is used in many contexts. However, in the case of sports, it usually refers to an athletic event.

The video calls on Meet will have a 60 minute cap, but they won’t be enforced until after Sept. 30. It’s free to use, but the feature of “Zoombombing” by uninvited guests isn’t something that you can rely on. It’s also important to note that Google has also made Meet available for free to consumers. It’s an important feature in business-grade online meetings, but it’s not a must-have. It’s worth a look.

Using Google Meet is similar to using a chat application. It lets you share files and links, and it allows you to share a screen with up to 30 people. Moreover, it’s also compatible with other software. It’s an excellent option for distance learning and business meetings. While the service works well with most other platforms, it’s not compatible with Microsoft Office. In order to use it in business, you need to have a G Suite account, unless you’re in a school.

If you’re planning to hold a video meeting at work, the software offers several features that can simplify the process. Firstly, the software doesn’t require special hardware or software to connect to a video conference. Instead, it uses a special link that allows users to join a meeting with the help of their email. Secondly, Meet is compatible with all operating systems. You can also use it from your computer. If you’re on a company network, you can invite other employees to the meeting as well.