Google Meets App Launches in the U.S.

A meet is a formal meeting. The term is used in many ways, such as when you are in person with someone, meeting something, or being introduced. The phrase can also refer to something like walking into a grocery store and talking with someone, or being at an airport gate when an airplane arrives. In business, a meet is more formal. If you are hosting a meeting, consider using Google Meet. The application has many features, including screen sharing, muting the microphone, and group video calling.


Meet was announced in September, but the app was not branded at the time. Google quietly released a version of its Hangouts service for business use in January, but no other company had heard of it yet. The app launched yesterday, but it was unbranded at the time. As of April 2020, it is currently ranked 1,177 in the U.S. in the Business category, which is not a particularly high number. Meanwhile, Meet’s rival Zoom had 200 million daily users.

Unlike Hangouts, Meet supports video calling, with a link to the video call available to participants. A video call is easy to set up and manage in the Meet app. The software requires no plug-ins, making it a convenient way to hold video calls. The app offers a simple interface for users. However, the feature of meeting with someone through a video call is not yet complete, so it is not clear when it will be released for general use.

Until recently, Meet was only available to invite-only users. Its arrival at the App Store coincided with Google’s efforts to revamp its Hangouts service. In December, the company shut down the Google+ Hangouts API. The company also acquired startup Limes Audio to boost voice quality in the Hangouts platform. As of April 2020, Meet is ranked 1,177 in the U.S. in the Business category. Despite the lack of public information, it is still an impressive addition to the business world.

While the Meet app is a team-friendly version of Hangouts, it’s still not available to everyone. But it was a surprise for Google, who had been promoting the service since September. But despite the lack of branding, the app has gained more than a million users in just one month. At that time, Meet has also been listed in the top two apps in the Business category in the U.S.’s App Store, which is the first place for it.

Meet is a team-friendly version of Google’s Hangouts. Its launch was a little unexpected, as the company was re-focusing its efforts on the enterprise side. The company also shut down the Google+ Hangouts API in January, focusing its attention on enterprise use cases. Moreover, Meet has a high ranking in the iTunes App Store in the Business category. It has already become the most popular messaging app in the world.