Google Meet App Removed From the iTunes App Store

Google Meet is a video conference application for large groups. Its bright white toolbar has tools to control the camera, microphone, and screen sharing. Participants can view the other users by clicking their names on the right-hand side. By default, it shows the video of the user who is currently talking. You can change the layout to make the video more attractive and easier to read. To view the video, you need to have access to a Google account.


Meet was first announced in September as a team-friendly alternative to Google Hangouts. During the COVID-19 pandemic, its usage spiked by 300%. At the time, the company said that it would focus on enterprise use cases. It also acquired a startup called Limes Audio in January to improve voice quality on Google Hangouts. While Google has not yet commented on Meet’s arrival, the app has been removed from the iTunes App Store.

The app isn’t available for all devices, but it’s an important feature for businesses and teams. While some users may prefer meeting with their colleagues in a less-private setting, the’meet’ function is available for everyone. A team of four members can chat in one room while another member can participate in multiple meetings. Using a group video call also allows users to share photos and videos. There’s a 30-second limit on a call, but this can be extended to five minutes.

Google announced that the company was developing a team-friendly version of Hangouts in September. The app did not have a name back then, and it was released to the iTunes App Store yesterday. As of today, Meet ranks 1,177 in the Business category in the U.S. and Ireland. In addition, the company suspended the 60-minute limit for unpaid accounts. It has also added advanced features for G Suite for Education users. If you’d like to try out Meet, check out the app.

Meet is an app for enterprise-oriented version of Google Hangouts. The company launched the service in March with the intention of making it more enterprise-friendly. It has an iOS app that allows employees to chat with coworkers. The app’s iOS and Android versions are available for free. Although the service is free, it’s not for everyone. Thousands of businesses are relying on it. But it’s not just for businesses.

Meet’s arrival comes at a time when Google has been refocusing its product. After shutting down its Google+ Hangouts API in January, Google has refocused its services on enterprise-focused uses. In January, it also acquired a startup called Limes Audio, which improves the quality of the voice of the app. Despite the recent changes, the Meet app is still available in the App Store and has been ranked number one in the Business category.