The Three Types of Love


What exactly is love? We have many theories on how we feel about love. For example, the color wheel theory of love suggests that there are three primary love styles: romantic, sexual, and monogamous. There are also nine tertiary types of affection. The triangular theory of human love says that love is defined by its commitment, intimacy, and narcissism. Some believe that love has additional spiritual and religious meanings.

Erotic love emphasizes physical attraction and intense intimacy, and it is not often sustainable. Advocates of this style of love are unlikely to commit, and they can easily end a relationship. Storge love, on the other hand, is considered more mature and is based on similar interests, open affection, and respect. Its adherents are trustworthy and are not overly dependent on the other person. There are many variations of love, but all three can be extremely intense.

Storge love is a more mature form of love. In this form, both parties are attracted to each other primarily for sex. Despite this type of attachment, advocates are unlikely to commit and are comfortable ending a relationship without any complication. In contrast, erotic love is usually characterized by a strong predilection for a particular object or person. The other type is a lustful type of affection.

Storge and erotic love are often categorized by their levels of estrogen. The former is focused on physical attraction, and involves intense intimacy. Typically, the advocate of erotic love will not commit and will be comfortable ending a relationship if sex isn’t happening. However, storge love is seen as a more mature form of love, as it emphasizes common interests and open affection and places less emphasis on physical attraction. People who practice storge love are not needy, introspective, or emotionally dependent on others.

During the erotic phase of a relationship, a person may express a strong preference for sex over other forms of affection. For instance, if a partner is able to make a person erotically, they will show it to their partner by engaging in sex. Alternatively, a person may not feel emotionally attached to the other. Regardless of the type of love, it is a feeling of deep affection that is mutually reciprocal.

Love is a common and universal emotion. It is a strong sentimental feeling that expresses a person’s feelings. Some people feel that love is a stronger emotion than lust, and they have a strong desire to please their partner. But if they are not romantically attracted to each other, then they are not able to express love. These relationships are erotic in nature, and eroticism can be unhealthy.

Despite the importance of love in a person’s life, it is important to understand the meaning of love. There are various types of love. Psychiatric disorders can be related to the concept of love. While these conditions are common in humans, they are often caused by psychological problems. There are various kinds of psychopathology associated with love. There are several ways in which a person can experience loving feelings. The most common of these is to fall in a relationship where two people feel deeply infatuated with each other.