Health and Wellness

What is health? What does it mean to us? Are we healthy? Are we happy? The answer is no.

Healthy is a state of mind, body and social well being where sickness and infirmity have been absent. Healthy means living life to its fullest, not suffering with discomfort, pain and loss from illness or injury. When you are healthy, you are able to feel whole, strong, positive and optimistic about your life.

However, we can all suffer from physical ailments, illnesses, injuries or traumas. We can suffer from the negative effects of aging, from bad weather, from the sun, from smoke, from our own or someone else’s carelessness and ignorance. We all get sick and injured at some point in our lives. What does it mean for us? It means that we have overcome the challenge of facing and overcoming adversity.

The definition of “healthy” is actually a complex and relative one that is dependent on the type of illness or injury we suffer from, but it can be broadly classified into three main categories: The first being that health can mean complete physical and mental well being. Second, there is the definition of health as physical and mental well being combined and defined by a group of related characteristics, for example age, sex, educational attainment, height and weight; or physical and mental well being combined and defined by an individual, for example being overweight, underweight, a healthy weight or obese. Finally, there is the definition of health as the combination of the two definitions above.

Health does not always refer to physical well being. Some health specialists believe that there is a better way to think about health, one that takes into consideration both physical and emotional well being. They argue that health and well-being can be defined as the quality of life a person has after having successfully overcome a life challenge. If you have successfully overcome a life challenge, your health and well being is more likely to be high than if you have not.

Achieving a healthy life does not have to mean following a strict diet and exercise regime, spending hours in the gym, or taking herbal supplements. It also does not have to involve living a life of deprivation. Rather, the key to a healthy life full of happiness and contentment is to find what matters most to you and spend your time doing it. If you take time to enjoy life, you will be healthier and you will also be happier.