Fall Family Fun Day: A World Class Event


Fall Family Fun Day: A World Class Event

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Fall Family Fun Day is an annual event in the community of Lithia Springs, Georgia. It is a day where the entire family can participate in the fun of ball games and sports. This is an annual event since the mid 90’s, when the all-star Fall Family Fun Day took place. It is now a world-class annual event with the support and participation of many local, state and federal government agencies, and is known to bring tens of thousands of families together for an exciting day of fun and sportsmanship.

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Fall Family Fun Day is a world-class ball game and family fun event. Fall Family Fun Day organizers host a wide variety of activities for kids, parents, teens and older people. There are two halves to each day; half day activities run late into the night on weekends and early in the morning on weekdays. The other half day activities start early in the morning and conclude late at night. Activities include volleyball, horseshoes, football, softball, flag football, baseball, cheerleading, miniature golf, flag football, soccer ball. There are also tents available for rent for corporate events and private functions.