Passion – The Love Language

Love is one of the best things in the world. It encompasses an incredible range of positive and deep emotional states, from the highest spiritual virtue or ideal, the greatest human pleasure, to the easiest basic pleasure. People respond powerfully to love, and its effects on their lives can be absolutely amazing. Love is the best thing that could ever happen to us, and it will happen when we are willing to let it.


Love is also commonly associated with generosity, a desire for kindness, protection, and peace. These things are actually secondary to the primary meaning of love: the feeling that comes from knowing and being loved. When you experience this feeling frequently, you are expressing a powerful source of happiness. When this love is expressed without being used to gratify someone else or to satisfy someone else’s need, it is typically destructive.

One way that you express your primary love language is by sending love and affection to your partner. Of course, love is not restricted to physical expression in the bedroom! While your sexual desires are the driving force behind your relationships, they should not be the only motivator for your relationships. Instead, focus your attention on receiving gifts from your partner. Gifts show your partner that their happiness and your love are important to you, and that their presence in your life matters. Your partner will notice when you are enjoying your time together, and will try to connect you emotionally as well.

Sharing your feelings and thoughts with your partner is an important part of building a healthy relationship. However, sharing feelings only by speaking to your significant other, or even just verbally through text, is rarely enough to create meaningful connections with one another. In order for your relationships to be meaningful and your communication with one another to be healthy, it is important to speak with one another about all of your feelings, no matter how painful they may be. This practice, paired with an emotional investment from both parties, will help you to strengthen your relationship.

A great way to strengthen your love language is by spending some time together on a daily basis. The more time that you spend together, the more bonding and connection you will feel. It is well known that we spend a great deal of time alone. Therefore, spending time with your partner gives you a chance to meet and bond without feeling the need to go and hide yourself in some distant corner of your home. When you are with your significant other, you will both feel the need to connect with each other on a daily basis, and this leads to a strengthening of your relationship

A final expression of your love language is through extreme passion. People often experience extreme passion in their love relationships. However, it is often times ineffective. Instead, it often times involves being too passionate. If you become too passionate in your love relationships, it can often times get in the way of things being a little more comfortable between the two of you. If you remain too passionate, it can often times interfere with enjoying the relationship you have with your partner.